Recommender Systems

Some of our work
  • Kind of AI:

    Machine Learning, Advanced Recommendation Systems, Natural Language Processing
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The challenge

This kind of AI based solution is advantageous for large online shops with countless products, as well as for online streaming services with huge content.
Without a recommendation system, a customer will end up being overloaded with options and therefore will not manage to choose a product or a service fitting his needs and expectations.
Our software helps the customer to cope with this information overload, it shows him the relevant subset that he will most likely be interested in.

The solution

By implementing an intelligent recommender system in an online shop, we have managed to provide each individual customer with suitable product recommendations.
The developed software predicts the probability of how high the interest of the current customer in a certain product can be. Our algorithm suggests products that are most likely to interest the current online customer. Such a recommender system can be implemented on e-commerce, music streaming or video streaming platforms.

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