Predictive Maintenance

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  • Kind of AI:

    Internet of Things, Predictive Maintenance
  • Industry:

    Machines, Automotive

Predictive Maintenance on vehicles

Predictive maintenance systems can be integrated into vehicles, e.g. in a truck to inform the driver about upcoming maintenance work. In addition, the AI can detect faults before they occur and advise the driver to bring his vehicle to the next workshop before something wrong happens.
Predictive maintenance is very powerful in order to increase the lifetime of vehicles or any kind of machine in general.

Predictive Maintenance in factories

Predictive Maintenance can be used to analyse the behaviour of machines in production plants. What can be done if, for instance, every 50th produced product has some manufacturing defects?
Predictive maintenance helps to identify the causes of the defects. Within several thousand influencing factors in the production process, this kind of AI can identify the factors generating the manufacturing defects.
Moreover this technology decreases the manufacturing defects rate and avoid any production shutdown due to a technical deficiency.

  • Predictive Maintenance